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There is no better replacement for the color white. Hence any clothing item in white is sure to be an absolute hit. White is synonymous with peace and calm and it almost always lends a sense of sophistication to the wearer. The versatility of the color is yet another advantage because this can be carried from the boardroom to the beach wear and even to the casual evening tête-à-têtes. Although there are some offices where denims are not allowed, white jeans looks like a very close cousin of formal wear and thus it is capable of getting a clean chit more often than not. However, many people are at a loss in terms of not knowing what to do with their pair of white jeans. While they can look truly amazing, at the same, one can become a victim of fashion disaster by pairing these with wrong colors.

The first thing to know about white jeans is that you should never compromise on the fit. Unless they fit you like a glove, steer clear from investing in one. As mentioned earlier, the key thing to remember is the color. Belts, shirts, tops, shoes – need to be color co-ordinated so that the jeans can complement the entire look. The best bet is to wear white jeans with contrastive colors. Bright prints, bold colors, graphics all go very well with white jeans. An all white combination has the risk of looking like a superstar from yesteryears and unless you intend to look retro, this may not be such a good idea.

The most disastrous miss for those who wear white jeans is that, many don’t realize that despite the permeability of the garment there is always a certain degree of transparency. Thus, it is of utmost importance to be discerning while choosing the undergarments. Unless you intend to show what you wear inside, the stares and glares can ruin the entire purpose and occasion.

The only drawback to this is that these are a tad hard to maintain. White does not camouflage spills, dust, or dirt too well hence they need regular cleaning. Along with that, one also has to be slightly cautious about not using white clothing for rough purposes because it would only mean asking for more trouble. However, in the scenario that the white jeans do get dirty, a good bleach and rigorous wash should help to keep you looking fresh as ever.

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